1 Thessalonians 2:1-3

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1 Thessalonians 2:1-3
There was much accusation against Paul in his motives for what he was doing. He was accused of being delusional, having impure motives, deceiving others, preaching to please others just to name a few. He laid this to rest by saying he did not come in vain. He stated he came in much conflict to preach the Gospel. The message he preached was not in error, with uncleanness, or in deceit. 

I find this to be pretty timely with a lot of things going on both in our world and in our church. Satan is always on the move seeking to whom he can devour. Our church is not immune to that especially if we are true Believers preaching the Gospel. Satan desires to divide us, create conflict, and muddy our message. As much as this can be a weighty matter, it also will show that Satan seeks this because we are gaining ground. You don’t attack an enemy that isn’t a threat. You focus on the enemy that poses a threat.

 We are in a time like none other. There are countless attacks on Believers throughout the world, and we are seeing unprecedented attacks on the church here in the US. It is imperative we remain focused and not allow minuscule matters to divide us. Our focus shouldn’t be on what we do or do not like or enjoy. It should be focused on gathering as a group of Believers to be in the Word, Worshipping, and Praying! We all have differing opinions on many, many matters. We shall not allow these matters to keep us from gathering and gaining ground against our enemy. There is no greater power than our King and that which is bestowed upon as we gather!

As we experience conflict in whatever shape or form that is, we should desire all the more preach the Gospel, gather together, and Worship, read the Word, and Pray!

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