Resource: The Bible Project

Bible Project creation sabbath

I wanted to share a good resource with you to aid in your personal Bible study and even daily Bible reading. The Bible Project is a great resource with hundreds of amazing videos, podcasts and articles, and even Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible app for any platform. I’m currently doing a year through the Bible called One Story that Leads to Jesus, which has specific videos to go along with sections of chapters, books or themes as I get to them in the year plan. I guess I’m secondarily sharing the Bible app, if you’re not already using it. I personally am an auditory learner so my morning routine involves listening to the audio versions that many of the Bible translations include. If you’re not doing any sort of regular Bible plan or devotional, join me in going through the Bible each year. 

Also when you have some time, sit and watch some Bible Project, and you’ll want to watch their very well produced visually engaging animations which add a lot to the educational aspect of each video. Their videos cover every book in the Bible, a lot of topics, word studies, themes, and theological education such as understanding literary styles. Check out their YouTube channel here as well: 


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